They call her Munchie.

When she was still a baby, she would chew on everything. Pacifiers didn't last long before they were gnawed beyond repair. Any nearby object had a risk of drowning in saliva.

It was also around this age, not even a year old, Munchie had her first meltdown.

"She had a panic attack, a two-hour long panic attack," said Erica Sanchez, mother of Michaelynn Gillett, known affectionately by her family as Munchie. The panic attack took place while Michaelynn's grandfather was trying to hold her after meeting her for the first time.

"(He was) doing everything you would do to soothe a baby and she would not stop. Nobody could look at her in her face or she would start screaming."

Michaelynn is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. This is the story of Munchie and her family.

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